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Trezor hardware wallets are the ultimate in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency security. Connect your wallet with the Trezor Suite app and easily manage your assets in a secure crypto ecosystem.

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Trezor hardware wallets

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Info stored online
is hackable.

Online wallets and exchanges are vulnerable to attacks and data leaks. 

Storing cryptocurrency data online increases the risk of financial theft, coin fraud, and permanent loss of crypto assets.

Go offline.
Store coins with Trezor.

Trezor hardware wallets are the safest and most resilient way to secure Bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets offline. Trezor wallets never expose your digital asset information to an insecure environment connected to the internet.

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Connect your Trezor crypto wallet with the Trezor Suite app.

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Trezor supports Bitcoin along with the most resilient & proven coins worldwide.

Your coins are safe - in every case

Trezor coins with confidence even in the event of device theft or damage. Create a multi-word recovery seed for quick and easy wallet recovery to protect your crypto in every unforeseen event.

Shamir Backup is a revolution in creating, using, storing, and protecting the backup of your recovery seed available exclusively on Model T devices.

Protect your coins in every (un)imaginable situation.

Theft and device damage

Easy wallet recovery

Trezor hardware wallets are protected against unauthorized access by a user-defined PIN up to 50 digits long.

For the ultimate in access security, add a passphrase to your Trezor. A passphrase is a user-generated set of letters, words, phrases, and spaces required each time you unlock your Trezor hardware wallet.

Secure when in the wrong hands

PIN & passphrase

Trezor hardware wallets use open-source designs so security experts and researchers can audit every process. This means your device is kept updated against threats, both real and theoretical.

When security is transparent, backdoors and potential exploits have nowhere to hide. Trezor is trust-less and decentralized, exactly like Bitcoin.

In the unexpected event that the company Trezor becomes insolvent, your device will continue to be the safest place for your coins.

Trust & transparency

Open-source design

A strong foundation
for your independence

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financial future

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